Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum - Key West

Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum - Key West in Florida Keys

Underwater, marine, maritime, or nautical archaeology is simply archaeology done under the water. Shipwrecks are the most common type of site studied, but harbor and dock remains, fishing structures, and flooded land sites also may be investigated. Where terrestrial (land) archaeologists use trucks to get to their sites, underwater archaeologists use scuba gear. Together with cultural and physical anthropology and linguistics, archaeology - both on land and underwater - is a subfield of the science of anthropology, the study of humankind. Basically, the tools, techniques, and products are the same no matter where one works, although different environments may require adaptations to the task at hand. But the goals are the same: understanding our past. The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum is a fully accredited history museum that features the stories and artifacts of the shipwrecks discovered by the treasure hunter Mel Fisher. The museum is also actively involved in its own underwater archaeological projects. It is our goal to expand the reach of our stories and inspire a continued enthusiasm about the science of shipwrecks and the history that science reveals. You can help us by joining our ADOPT AN ARTIFACT PROGRAM with your tax-deductible donation.

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