Aquariums in Florida Keys

As much as we can research animals on the internet, there is no comparison like seeing that living creature in front of you. The Florida Keys Aquariums are one of the best activities you can do with your friends and family. Not only do they encourage relaxation and joy, but they will be a great learning experience for the little ones. So if you want to have a great time, while visitin Florida keys and bond with the ocean animals and your family as well, visit the aquaruims there!

Dolphin Connection - Duck Key

Dolphin Connection - Duck Key in Florida Keys

You will love this chance to touch, splash, swim and play with our dolphin family in our tropical lagoon. Discovering dolphins has never been so much fun it's definitely a connection that will last a lifetime!
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Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters - Marathon

This unique encounter introduces our visitors to the reef environment in the best way possible, via immersion in our exclusive coral reef tank.
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Key West Aquarium - Key West

Key West Aquarium - Key West in Florida Keys

Located in Key West’s famous Mallory Square, the Key West Aquarium is one of the island’s most popular attractions for people of all ages.
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